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JST-CET(Job Seeker Training Common Entrance Test) is conducted online by JobHelper.in. This test is useful to Freshers/Entry-Level Job seekers/Final Year students to prove their talent and get Job Search Training from the experts to win their dream job by following all the rules and regulations of JST-CET.


  • Freshers / Entry Level Job seekers / Final year Students
  • Education qualification : Degree / PG / Engineering / MCA / MBA
  • Age Limit : Below 25 years

  • Candidate should apply JST-CET by using the Link
  • Candidate Should Attend the online test JST-CET
  • Score/eligible Cut-off will be given at the time of the test
  • The Qualifiers in JST-CET Round-1 will be considered for further rounds.
  • Based on the Merit/skills the TOP merit Candidates will be selected for JobHelper.in Elite Job Search Training / Certifications.

  • JST-CET gives an opportunity to prove the talent.
  • Selected candidates will be given JobHelper.in Elite Job Search Training By Kishen Sir and as well as by the other experts. Top 30 candidates will be selected for Elite Training.
  • Top 100 candidates will be awarded the certifications, which can be placed in a resume. That will certify them that, they are skilled Candidates. Note a point that Top 30 only will be selected for elite Training as of now. In the future, This may be increased.
  • A dedicated job Search Mentor will be allocated. Customized Job Search Training(Via online) will be given to Elite Candidates. Dedicated HR will be reviewed periodically.
  • A customized strategy and plan will be proposed. The resume will be tuned. All guidance to win the job will be given.

The Benefits & features of JobHelper.in Elite JST benefits
  • The program will be started after the candidate selected for the Elite JST Program.
  • The Elite JST program provides training to the job seeker by
  • A dedicated Job Search Mentor will be allocated.
  • Dedicated HR will be allocated to review and help to win the dream job.
  • Jobseeker analysis will be done by experts and the required steps to get the job will be suggested.
  • Resume will be reviewed by the experts and Resume re-writing will be suggested with required changes. Complete guidance will be given to make the Resume powerful.
  • Personalized / Custom / Tailor-made strategy for job search will be suggested. The job search plan will be guided and tuned.
  • Subject skills will be deeply tested and based on the requirement, subject improvement suggestions will be suggested.
  • Communication / Presentation skills improvement guidance will be given
  • Job referral building, online/offline ways to apply jobs will be guided and the process will be tuned.
  • Job Interview Performance will be tuned.
  • Background verification, Job joining formalities will be guided.
  • Attitude tuning, building a job-winning attitude will be supported.
  • Weekly, Monthly reviews will be performed.
  • 6 Months of extensive support will be given to the job seeker to get the job as early as possible. Skill improvement in all areas will be done from day-1, until job seeker get the job or maximum of 6 months, based on the cooperation from the candidate.
  • The best possible support to win the job by the candidate will be offered from JST Team.

Merit Certifications are useful to claim expertise. You can place these in your Resume/profile. You will be given a Certification ID and logo to place in your Resume. In case any employers are willing to verify, it can be verified by using your Id.

  • will be helpful to make your Resume/profile get an edge and the recruiter will get an instant snapshot about your skills.

JobHelper.in JST-CET Offers 100% Job Guarantee For Skilled Job seekers. Once the candidate has qualified as a JST-CET Elite Member, JST-CET Team will provide complete Job search guidance , which will make the job seeker achieve the job quickly. Expert Recruiter will handle the JST-CET Elite member along with a HR team to ensure that Jobseeker will win the job. There will not be any other fees needed to be paid by the elite member.

Let us explain how job guarantee works for JST-CET Elite members. From Day-1 to till 6 months, the job seeker will be given the best resources to find a job. The job will be guaranteed to Elite job seekers from 7 days to within 6 months of time , after training started. In case after 6 months ,the job seeker has not achieved the job as per the contract between the JST-CET Elite member and JST-CET company , if the reasons are genuine or fair , then JST-CET will offer a part time job with maximum of Rs.5000 per month , for 2 to 4 hours working time and again for the next 6 months complete efforts and resources will be offered to the job seeker.In a nutshell total the Elite membership will cover 12 months once the candidate qualified for Elite membership and the contact will be expired after 12 months , once the elite membership confirmed from JST-CET.In case after 12 months also job seeker not able to get the job , as the elite membership get expires , the job seeker need to re-attend jst-cet and get qualified to be eligible for JST-CET Elite membership. This is the way the job guarantee for skilled job seekers will work. Please understand that , without your passination and efforts it is not easy to get a win-win model.

This is the formula we use for offering Job guarantee.

You(JST-CET Elite Member) + 20 years of Experienced Recruiter from JST-CET Team + HR Manager from JST-CET Team + Other JST-CET Team = Your Job Success.

In case you are still having questions regarding this , please get clarified before you pay for JST-CET exam fee.

This depends on the competition. In general, the final round will be an HR/personal interview with the candidate. Candidate should be ready to attend the subject tests and other aptitude tests depend on the competition. The candidate will be informed prior and the tests will be conducted online or telephonic.

  • We are very sorry! fee once paid, it is non-refundable. Please read the terms and conditions, before you apply the test by paying the fee. In case you are having any questions, please send us via support/contact form, so that you can review the answer and take the decision to pay.
  • It is not a job test and it is a test to make the talented candidate win the job in an open process by allotting Job Search Mentor and a dedicated HR with a custom process to that candidate. It differs from other regular tests. Please read the benefits and features to understand more about JST-CET.

JST-CET is mainly to the job seekers who are willing to prove their talent and win the job in an open process.
it is not a job test. The JST-CET training model is entirely different from placement consultancy services. JST-CET will shortlist the candidates and the top Merit candidates will be given with JobHelper.in Job Search Elite Training, which improves the productivity of the candidate and helps to win the dream job, based on the candidate's efforts.

  • Details
  • Mode : Online [ Test will be conducted in the English Language]
  • Syllabus :
  • Reasoning
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • English Language
  • Test duration : 1 Hour 20 Minutes.
  • No.Of questions : 80
  • Note : Test duration and number of questions may vary. Please check your Test login details email to understand the information.
  • Eligibility Cut-off : This will be available in the email sent along with the test login details.

We recommend everyone to improve their skills and attend. There is no specific time gap to attend the test. When the candidate is confident about the skills, then the candidate can re-apply and attended the test.

As of now, we are offering web support. Please use the Contact Us / Support Form to reach us!

We are here to support every candidate to our best extent. Please write your problem by using the Contact Us / Support Form

Please re-check Inbox /Spam folders. If the email not received as per the mentioned timeline , please write using the Contact Us / Support Form and mention your applicant Id in it. We will respond as early as possible to you.